Q: Are your juices organic?

All of our products are made from 100% organic ingredients, unless stated otherwise.

Q: How long does the juice last?

The juice stays fresh for 3 days, day 1 being the day you receive your delivery. However, we recommend that you consume your juice as soon as it arrives in order to take advantage of the full potency of your juice.

Q: Where should I store my juice?

Always store your juice in the refrigerator. Make sure to take your juice out of the cooler bag or open the top, so that the cold air can get into the bag.

Q: How many calories are in the juice and cleanse packages?

Most of our juices range from 150 to 300 calories (per pint). Our cleanses range from 1000 to 1200 calories per day.

Q: How much juice should I drink?

This question depends on your personal preference. That said, we recommend a minimum of a pint per day in order to experience the full benefits of our products.

Q: What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our juices are a great way of supplementing your current diet and adding a variety of healthy nutrients to it, which you will benefit from especially during this time. However, we advise against a diet consisting of strictly juice. Your body needs a lot more calories when pregnant or breastfeeding to help your child grow and develop. In addition, your body releases toxins while cleansing, which should not be absorbed by your child. If you would like to get an expert’s opinion, please consult your doctor on the topic.

Q: What if I have a health condition such as diabetes or take prescription medication?

Our juices can be a great way of helping your body to create a healthy system and fight off disease causing organisms. People with diabetes however should be careful because of the sugar content in some of our juices. All of our green juices are an excellent alternative if you have any serious health challenges. If you would like to get an expert’s opinion, please consult your doctor on the topic.

Q: What if I have a gluten allergy?

All of our products are 100% gluten-free, but the wheat grass elixir.

Q: Is the juice vegan?

Yes, there are no animal products used.

Q: Where do I get my protein?

Our juices are a great source of protein. Our almond drink and all of our green juices supply your body with instantly absorbable proteins.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and green vegetables are loaded with these muscle-building nutrients.

Q: Can I give the juice to my child?

Yes, our juice can be a very tasty and healthy addition to your child’s diet. However, children should not do juice cleanses or fast while they are still growing.

Q: How fresh is your juice?

We press our juice each morning before delivering it directly to you.


Q: How do I order my juice?

You can order online, or call us at 415.389.8300.

Q: When is the cutoff time to place an order for next day delivery?

In order to guarantee delivery, your order must be received prior to 11 am for next day delivery.

Example: If you would like to receive your delivery on Wednesday, your order must be received prior to 11 am on Tuesday.

Q: Do I get a discount for continued service ?

We offer certain discount packages, which are designed for clients who like to commit to a continued service.

Q: What juices should I order? What do you recommend?

If you are not sure what to order, go to our Ingredients section. Here you can get informed on all the great benefits our ingredients offer. If you still need help email us at [email protected]. You can also call us at 415.888.3330.

Q: Is there a minimum I have to order?

Yes, our minimum order for delivery is $20 per delivery. If you want to order less, feel free to order for pick up, at one of our pick up locations.


Q: What are you delivery days and times?

We deliver Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 6 am and 12 noon.

Q: When should I expect my juice to arrive?

When ordering you can choose a 2 hour window for your delivery. We will do our best to be there at your chosen time.

Q: Can I order my juice to another address than my house?

Yes, we deliver to your home, work, or even gym, just don’t forget to give us the right delivery address and time when ordering your juice.

Q: What if I am not there when my juice is delivered?

As long as someone else is there to accept the delivery for you, it’s no problem. Just make sure to let the person know to store your juice in the fridge. Once we deliver your order, JUICE TO YOU cannot be responsible for your item left to spoil.

If no one is there to take the delivery, we will return the order to our kitchen and will reschedule the delivery at the client’s expense.

If our delivery times don’t suit your schedule, you can order your juice for pick up at one of our convenient pick up locations.


Q: Does the cleanse come with instructions?

Yes, our cleanses come with detailed instructions. If you can’t find the answer to your question try our Cleanse  page or email us at [email protected]. You can also call us at 415.389.8300.

Q: How many bottles come in the cleanse each day?

Our cleanses include 8 bottles per day - six 16oz juices, one 2oz elixir and one 4oz elixir. See each cleanse’s individual product page to find out which juices are included.

Q: I signed up for a 3-Day cleanse. Do you deliver the cleanse each morning or all at once?

We delivery your  3-Day cleanse packages all at once, and your 5-Day cleanse in two deliveries to ensure maximum freshness.

Q: How many days should I cleanse?

The answer to this question varies for every person. Of course a 5-Day cleanse will go deeper than a 1-Day cleanse. It just depends on your personal schedule and preference. A 1-Day cleanse is a great way of giving your system a quick flush. A 5-Day cleanse on the other hand will get rid of build up toxins and start rebuilding and strengthening your immune system.

Q: How much weight am I going to loose?

Our cleanses are designed to give your digestive system a break, removing toxins and replenishing it with nutrients. Loosing weight is not the goal. That said, some people will see some weight loss, the amount will vary depending on each individual body. If you are trying to loose weight, a cleanse can be a great way to kick start healthier habits.

Q: Which level is best for me?

For more information on the different cleanse levels go to our Cleanse page. If you have never done a cleanse before, we recommend to start off with a 3-day level 1 cleanse.

Q: I have never cleansed before. How do I know that I can handle a cleanse?

Remember that our cleanses offer a great amount of nutrients, they are not made to starve you. Our cleanses are designed to give you everything you need to get through your day. Just make sure, to take it a little slower than usual and listen to your body.

Q: Can I have any other beverages but the juice?

Yes, as long as they are healthy! We recommend having at least eight glasses of still water per day, besides your cleanse beverages. Herbal tea (caffeine free) and vegetable broths are a good option as well.

Q: What are detox symptoms? Does everyone get them?

Detoxing can result in a number of symptoms. These symptoms are caused by the release of toxins and may include headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigues, constipation and skin eruptions. Please follow our instructions before, during and after your cleanse to minimize any uncomfortable side effects.

Not everyone experiences these symptoms and we try to keep them at a minimum with our different cleanse levels, designed for the beginning cleanser to the pro!

Q: Can I exercise while cleansing?

Yes, you might be surprised how much energy you will have when cleansing! The energy you usually use to digest your food is now available to be used for other things, like working out. Just make sure you keep hydrating, plus try to get some fresh air!

Q: I haven’t gone to the bathroom at all. Is that normal?

Absolutely. The opposite could be a possibility as well. These are normal side effects of a cleanse and the reason why we recommend colonics or enemas when cleansing.

Q: Can I do a cleanse and eat food too?

Our cleanses are designed to be consumed without solid food. The benefits of a cleanse will be greatly diminished if mixed with solid food. However, we encourage adding our juices to your current diet, as they have many benefits to your health and well-being.

Q: Can I do a cleanse even though I have a busy schedule?

We recommend taking it slow during a cleanse. You can continue with your regular schedule, just make sure you have the chance to rest when your body needs it.

Q: What do I eat before and after my cleanse? Do I have to prepare for my cleanse?

Go to our How to Cleanse section to get more information on how to prepare for a cleanse. It will also give you some information on how to break the cleanse safely, plus some tips on healthy eating, post cleansing.

Q: How often should I do a cleanse?

This is a personal decision, which only you can make. Many people will do a cleanse when they experience detox symptoms like fatigue, lack of energy, digestive problems, sleep problems, weak immune system, anxiety, depression. Often these symptoms are associated with change in season or holidays. Others will commit to one cleanse per month, or every three to six months. We also recommend to make our juices a part of your daily life, this will benefit your health throughout the year by strengthening your body and immune system.


Q: Where is your facility?

Our kitchen is located in San Francisco.

Q: Can I try the juice somewhere?

We currently don’t have a storefront. But we try to take part in events as often as possible to give people the chance to get to know and try our products. For upcoming events click here.

Q: Where do you get your produce?

Most of our produce comes from local farms in California.

Q: What should I do with my JUICE TO YOU cooler bag?

The bag is free for you to keep. However, we’d greatly appreciate if you return them to us instead of throwing them away so that we can reuse them. As an environmentally friendly business, we try to produce as little waste as possible and to re-use as frequently as we can.

Q: Why do you use glass bottles and not plastic?

We, at JUICE TO YOU, are selling a product that nourishes and replenishes your body. Our glass bottles are just another way of ensuring the quality of this product. Plastic bottles are known for their negative effects on health, e.g. leaching of chemicals into the beverage.

Another reason is the amount of waste plastic bottles produce. In order to minimize the pollution of our environment, we try to produce as little waste as possible.

Q: What do I do with the bottles? How do I return them?

We charge a refundable bottle deposit for all of our bottles ($2 per bottle). You can return your bottles at one of our pick up locations or return them to us at your next delivery.

Q: When and how will the bottle credit be returned to me?

We will credit your card within one week of your return. You can expect the credit to show up on your next statement. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your bottle credit.

Q: How late can I return the bottles?

We can refund you up to 60 days after your payment. We always appreciate returns even after that, but we cannot guarantee a refund.


Didn’t find an answer to your question? Please email us at [email protected] or call at 415.389.8300.